Space Battle - Revision 0.4.1 Leaderboard


Welcome back pilots!

What damn! The truth is, this version got out of hand. I have implemented a game cycle so that I can start and finish > unlimited. At the same time I was thinking that maybe it would be fun to put social elements… So the opportunity came up to introduce a ranking.

That and most of the graphic and gameplay changes have left this version in a pretty attractive spot actually.

What’s new in SpaceBattle in 0.4.1 ?

Leaderboard and cool graphics!


  • new: cool minimap!

  • new: sector state bar

  • new: new score flow, destroying station

  • new: repair panel for ship

  • new: overloading enemy station and new sprite for it

  • new: ranking implementation

  • new: add inventory image panel

  • ref: another big refactor, spawned items

  • ref: big refactor after resources movement

  • ref: change overloading time for station

  • imp: change minimap icons and minimap background

  • imp: change layer camera

  • imp: add turrets to the enemy station

  • imp: set up new logo

  • wip: setting up leaderboard

  • wip: working connection flow

  • wip: deleted old ost, new station to instance

  • wip: enemy station/sector workflow


  • fix: decrease credits when repair
  • fix: start cursor hotspot


Please, if you have a problem, send an email to, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.


Space Battle 0.4.1 - Pc Demo 42 MB
Apr 24, 2020

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