SpaceBattle - Revision 0.3.1. IA.


Welcome back pilots!

It seems that this time we’re moving forward with content! Thanks to our partner necoplanet we will have available an update of the enemy AI. Yes, they will be harder to eliminate, using the asteroids as well as following you in a more precise way!

What’s new in SpaceBattle in 0.3.1 ?

AI enemy and health/damage balance with start player.


  • new: created new elite ship, improve enemy AI

  • new: added new mk1 missile for enemies

  • new: add new light for S13_Run and added atrezzo items

  • new: add new light for S13_Run and added atrezzo items

  • new: added obstacle layer and change physics collision

  • imp: AI enemies update

  • imp: change turrets and enemy scriptables

  • imp: set turrets in there own position

  • imp: change merchant buy items, support unique and multiple


  • fix: critical fix reload weapons
  • fix: working on the repair actions objects


Please, if you have a problem, send an email to, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.


Space Battle V.0.3.1 - Web Demo 17 MB
Mar 22, 2020
Space Battle V.0.3.1 - Pc Demo 35 MB
Mar 22, 2020

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