SpaceBattle - Release 0.3.0

Welcome back pilots! I’ve been working hard to bring a new release, fixing a lot of bugs and adding new amazing features like the new inventory system that works in the all space, new npcs contrabandists and the new help GUI.

What’s new in SpaceBattle in 0.3.0 ?

Inventory and contrabandists!


  • new: created player as scriptable object

  • ref: big refactor, way to build

  • ref: errors out for now

  • new: added new sub type items

  • ref: change item object names

  • new: new items added

  • ref: updating naming rules

  • ref: changed name before deleting

  • ref: set new names for prefabs ammo, weapons

  • ref: change player instance with scriptable

  • ref: load old items out

  • ref: rebuilding the items in all project

  • ref: set new scriptable folder name

  • ref: another ammo scriptable refactor

  • ref: another big refactor in the way of items

  • new: restart game works when station dies

  • new: added new station explosion

  • new: positive events from inventory, new pos with uranium

  • ref: changes nomenclature

  • new: added new help info popup

  • new: contrabandist added with routes

  • ref: set better naming notation

  • imp: set new inventory function, now unique is available

  • ref: set another name for weapons

  • imp: upload new sounds effects, error hud

  • ref: big refactor change inventory to scriptable sys

  • new: created new item scriptable object

  • ref: added new scritable to manage uranium

  • imp: improve graphics loot boxes

  • imp: better uranium pick up, limit max uranium

  • new: created new scriptable for animations, adding sfx too

  • new: upload new impact of energy sound

  • new: added new check to move when player dies

  • ref: set enum as resource path

  • ref: code style and player review, change to mono


  • fix: change sun pivot rotation
  • fix: solve spawn rotation for enemies
  • fix: solve sfx when player dies
  • fix: super important fix, solved private serialize
  • fix: merchant erros solved, scriptable, green now
  • fix: solved meta problem
  • fix: multiple fixes spawing items from spawn manager
  • fix: price item solved in merchants


Please, if you have a problem, send an email to, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.


Space Battle V.0.3.0 - Pc Demo 35 MB
Mar 12, 2020
Space Battle V.0.3.0 - Web Demo Play in browser
Mar 12, 2020

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