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Space Battle
 is a 2D space action game for one player. You will have to survive the dangers of the environment, collect minerals, defeat the stalkers and defend your base from the implacable galactic government.

Prepare your arsenal when you can... You never know when they might attack your sector, trade with the natives, collect minerals, explore and sell the pieces of your destroyed enemies to buy upgrades.

The more weapons you have, the longer you'll survive!

Remember, you can upgrade your ship to handle epic combat with credits, the universal currency!

Shields, weapons, missiles and other tools will make you the best pilot in your sector. Keep your main station intact and you'll get great scores to compete with the other pilots!

Yes, you're not alone, you can prove your worth as a great pilot and with the permanent death mode you can fight to get double the score before, but beware, if you die you lose everything...

For every station shot down, you'll score points to compete with the rest of the pilots. The points are very difficult to get but it's worth to show who is the best...

Are you able to be the best pilot in this universe?


  • Explore a map full of dangers.
  • Survive multiple waves of enemies with increasing difficulty.
  • (Online) Pilot ranking, who can eliminate more space stations?
  • Inventory and trade system with villagers.
  • Game mode: permanent death.

Please, if you have a problem, send an email to: developcorbalan@gmail.com, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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¡Muy divertido el juego! el sábado estuvimos jugandolo con uno de sus creadores y nos contó cosas muy interesantes sobre lo que se viene :) 

Muchas gracias por compartir y sobretodo montar la experiencia! Espero repetir pronto y seguir contando cosas interesantes!


Space Battle Demo (Release 0.3.0)

Thank you very much for playing and sharing the demo!