Timeboxes - Postmortem


It’s been a pleasant process. I think it was a fleeting idea and carried out in the short time I decided to invest. At the same time I have more important developments open, but I wanted to participate in a jam, again, so I wanted to do something small, functional and addictive.

I’ve learned that thinking small can also make a pretty interesting game in a short time.

Also with the rise of the moment I decided to make it multiplatform and that, was a little bit wrong, trying to deploy on all platforms at the same time without failure time goes away. Also the COVID-19 has made that the versions take more time to deploy in services like Google Play and I lost time doing documentation, images so then only a few players use it.

That plus the madness of wanting to implement a multiplayer service as a cross ranking between platforms … Well, the tests were of time and knowing the duration of the project, it may not have been necessary to invest for this.

As I watched time go by and had another front open with the desire to take out Space Battle for Steam and move Industries … Timeboxes started to weigh on my conscience and I sat down out of obligation to “close” not investigate. So that’s where it ended up. I think in the future, all Game Jams projects, should be that, they are born, they grow and they die. If they had a boom I would try to invest, yes, time, but for 20 simple random players, it’s not worth it.

Except for the inconveniences of time, I think it has been a fun process, an efficiency challenge as always and I was left with a good taste of the position obtained, I just want to progress on this path and have a better performance.


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